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There are many qualified computer technicians and network engineers out there today. These folks are generally task-oriented doers, moving from project to project and then awaiting your next set of instructions. True, they know technology, but shouldn’t they know more?

Why CNE? It’s simply not enough these days to know the current technology. A worthwhile computer networking firm must know how technology drives business. Your business. So we’ll take the time to learn your business. We want to know where you’ve been, where you are now and where you want to be in five years. Then, and only then, will we customize a technology strategy to meet your exact needs.

The CNE Mission. It’s easy for firms to say they will do it right the first time, but at CNE, we put this mission into practice every day. Our success in achieving this mission is measured by our growing number of clients and the fact that they continue to trust us with their technology projects year after year. See what some of our clients have to say about CNE.

Lower TCO = Higher ROI. Translation, the lower your overall cost of purchasing and maintaining your computer equipment is, the greater your return on the investment. More simply, we can save you money. Just because the professionals of CNE can talk the talk, doesn’t mean that we do … to our clients. There’s no need for us to speak in complicated jargon when a simple conversation will help you understand our proposed ideas much better. Need a refresher course on technology terminology? We’ve got one for you.

Going Above and Beyond. Everyone at CNE has a can-do attitude that shows through by our willingness to exceed our customer’s expectations. For some, this might mean performing new installations or upgrades on nights and weekends to reduce employee interruption. For others, it means brainstorming until we determine just the right solution to match your needs.

Now a Dell & HP VAR. CNE is pleased to announce its status as value-added resellers for Dell and HP. Call us today at 281.890.6192 or email us at to see how this can benefit you.

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